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Who we are

Dream Big Pilipinas FA (DBP FA) is a legally registered association which embodies the belief that transformation of the Philippines, and altering the course of its future, is made possible through educating the youth in a new and innovative way.

For most in the country, people grew up having very moving dreams. At a young age, the world was about limitless imagination. Anything was possible. Big dreams inspired them, and inspired others. These were dreams of becoming a professional athlete, a teacher or a doctor, a scientist, and artist, an adventurer, dreams of traveling the world, etc. These dreams were a source of being fully alive, and being fully self-expressed.

Then somewhere down the road, particularly for the underprivileged youth, something happened. As children grew older, dreams quickly started to wilt. For many, because of considerations in finances, lack of parent support, lack of education, etc, life started to occur as one with little or no possibility for dreams to be fulfilled. As a result, children slowly gave up their dreams and slowly became resigned to their unfavorable circumstances and resigned to a predictable future. Children gradually became disempowered, owning conversations like, “I’m not good enough”, I’m not big enough”, or “That’s impossible for me.”

The commitment of DBP FA is to transform this way of being. DBP FA’s aim is to bring back the Big Dreams, for people to get that anything they want for their lives is possible through commitment and resilience to pursue dreams despite circumstances.

Please contact us at dreambigpilipinas@gmail.com to find out how you can help.