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Dream Big Pilipinas FA is a football association in the Philippines that uses the sport of football as a catalyst for positive transformation among youth in underserved communities.

Started operations in 2010, and legally established in 2011, Dream Big Pilipinas programs are now offered to more than 300 kids in Metro Manila. The focus is to serve underprivileged youth, who lack the means and know-how to create a life that empowers them and others around them.

The football program is composed of weekly football drills and scrimmages for conditioning, skills development, and tactics. The training environment allows players to openly share and voice out their experiences and reflections to the group, for acknowledgment and constructive criticism. Careful mentoring is held at high regard as it is vital that children make the immediate connection between the important attitudes and values learned in football, to areas in life that are important to them.

The aim is at an early age, children get that there is much to learn about life through football; such that the sport becomes a language and a direct access point to creating workability in their lives.

We place children as young as 4 years old into a holistic program, which, apart from football development, includes academic assistance, and values formation. The created environment allows kids the space to learn about important life skills that will help them on the road to fulfilling their dreams.

As a fundamental rule to participate in the program, all children are required to be enrolled in formal schooling, attend a formation program in their community, and NOT subject themselves to child labour.

Click here to learn about the academics and scholarship program.

For more information about the program, send us an email at info@dreambigpilipinas.com.