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The Football Academy is the fundraising division of the organization, where kids and kids-at-heart / adults of all ages, can come and learn football fundamentals with us in a fun and engaging way.

The sessions are specialized to address the needs of each participant in their respective skill levels. The program is light and non-competitive, and is best for kids and individuals who would either like to get a good intro to football, a weekend physical workout, or to just freely play the sport they love with us.
The program is designed and facilitated by a FIFA-Licensed Coach, along with a coaching staff composed of current professional players, former nation players, coaching volunteers, and senior kids from our development program.

Donations from participants provide the organization its supply of football gear, school materials for the kids, and funding for the scholarship program.
We currently run programs in Pasig City and Taguig City.

Below is the poster and map to one of our latest programs. For inquiries, send us an email at info@dreambigpilipinas.com.