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We can only grow as fast as the number of supporters that pledge their time, expertise and resources. DBPFA is in need of the following supporters for day-to-day operations:

  • Volunteer Teacher / Tutor (Preschool – Primary School – High School – College)
    • Qualification: Loves kids, patient, and passionate about teaching children
    • Possible work can be any, a combination, or all of the following:
      • Group review sessions
      • One-on-one review sessions
      • Conduct exercises for literacy and numeracy proficiency
      • Engage kids in activities that create a culture for active learning: such as playing board games, managing a book club or math club, etc.
  • Football Coach (for beginners to advanced level)
    • Design and conduct football drills and scrimmages to expand football knowledge and skills of players
    • Manage competitive teams in tournaments and festivals
  • Assistant Football Coach (no football background necessary)
    • Assist coach in facilitating drills, encouraging kids, and playing with the kids during football sessions.